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Call for expression of interest for EIT Food Evaluators


EIT Food

EIT Food is a consortium of more than 50 partners from leading businesses, research centres and universities across 13 countries that has been selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) as the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the agrifood sector. As one of the largest public funded initiatives in the EU agrifood innovation space, the EIT Food KIC will act as a people-centric and resource-smart transformer of the European food system, driving consumer confidence and improving global health.

Role description

EIT Food invites applications from individuals with a view to establishing a database of independent experts who could be called on in connection with its call for proposals 2020 to advise on or assist with the:

  • evaluation of partners proposals;
  • monitoring and advising on infrastructure programmes;
  • Assisting EIT Food by providing opinions and advice in specific cases.

Knowledge, skills and experience
EIT Food is constituting a database of independent experts having a high level of professional experience in one of its four functional areas of Education, Innovation, Business Creation and Communication. In particular, the requirements for reviewers include:

  • Having at least 8-10 years of professional experience in the food sector, higher education, business creation/venture growth or consumer engagement;
  • Having expertise in one of the broad key domains for EIT Food. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Agriculture/agricultural technologies;
    • Bioeconomy/resource stewardship/sustainability;
    • Consumer testing/sensory science;
    • Entrepreneurship/business startup/development/acceleration in agrifood or life sciences;
    • Education/andragogy, in particular in entrepreneurship or food systems;
    • Food-health nexus;
    • Food production/manufacturing/processing;
    • Food science/chemistry/technology;
    • Food safety/quality
    • Food systems/food value chains;
    • Food waste/side stream valuation;
    • Marketing/consumer behaviour/market research, preferably in the food sector;
    • New business models;
    • Nutrition/food related health;
    • Product development in the food sector;
    • Science communication/public engagement of science/citizen science;
    • STEM/STEAM/science education;
    • Trust/transparency.
  • Having a proficient command of English, level C1 or above;
  • Having previous experience as a reviewer for EU projects or an EIT Knowledge Innovation Community is not necessary but is an advantage.

Application and Selection Procedure

EIT Food hereby invites individuals with relevant experience to apply as prospective independent experts.

The call is open between 18 February and 30 June 2019.

In order for applications to be accessible to the relevant areas for calling on the assistance of experts, all sections should be completed. Areas of expertise and professional experience should be adequately detailed and documented. An application is considered complete once confirmed as valid in the online electronic system.
Independent experts shall be selected for inclusion based on the following criteria:

  • Excellence: relevant expertise (50%)
  • Experience: professional experience (20%), previous reviewer experience (10%);
  • Complementarity: domains covered (20%).

Only the experts whose expertise correspond to the needs for the database of evaluators will be contacted by EIT Food. This does not prevent the experts not included to apply to future call for expression of interest. Inclusion in the database will be for a 3-year term, which can be renewed.
For its annual Call for Proposals cycle, EIT Food will select from the database of evaluators to establish panels that have a balanced composition in terms of various skills, experience, and knowledge, geographical diversity and gender , depending on the composition of proposals put forward by our partners.

Please note that, to be considered for inclusion in an evaluation panel for the 2020 Call for Proposals, experts must be able to travel to Brussels to attend a 1-day panel meeting in the week of 3-7 June 2019.

The personal data collected in the context of the present call will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 “on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data”.

There will be no compensation for being included in the database. When included in an evaluation panel, EIT Food IVZW will pay a service fee of 450 euro (excluding VAT) per day spent in assisting EIT Food IVZW. Evaluators are responsible to comply with their local legal and fiscal regulation in relation to the payment. The effort spent will have to be documented in a timesheet, a template of which will be provided.
In addition, travel expenses for participating in the review meeting in Brussels will be reimbursed. Expenses must comply with the EIT Food IVZW travel policy for expert advisors.


  • EXTENSION: 8 April 2019: Deadline for application for participating in 2020 Call evaluation
  • 30 June 2019: Deadline for application for being part of EIT Food reviewers database
  • 22 April 2019: Notification of inclusion in the database of experts, and selection of experts for 2020 Call for Proposals.
  • Evaluation period for the call proposals From 3 May 2019 till 27 May 2019 Midnight: This is the period during which evaluators have time to evaluate the submitted call proposals.
  • Consensus meetings 3-7 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium: This is the meeting where the evaluation results of all submitted call proposals are brought together for discussion, decision (yes/no) and potential recommendation for improvements to the proposers .

Conflict of Interest
To ensure the independence of the work that they are called upon to perform in their capacity as ‘independent experts’, prior to the signature of their contract, they will be required to attest that they agree to abide by the terms of the code of conduct (including confidentiality aspects) in the electronic exchange system. In particular, they will be required to sign a declaration certifying that there is no conflict of interest at the time of contracting and that they undertake to inform EIT Food or the relevant funding body if any conflict should arise in the course of their duties.
The task of the Expert is to perform in a confidential, fair and equitable manner the work according to the instruction of EIT Food. Expert must use their best endeavors to achieve this, follow any instructions given by EIT Food to this end and deliver a constant and high quality of work.
Experts shall be excluded from participation in this call if they have a conflict of interest in connection with the proposals or proposers; a conflict of interest could arise in particular as a result of economic interests, political or national affinities, family or emotional ties or any other relevant connection or shared interest.
At the signature of the contract, experts shall provide a declaration on their honour stating that they are not in one of the situations of exclusion listed above. If Expert selected for performing evaluation tasks has a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest with any proposed KIC Added value activity, they must declare such facts to EIT Food as soon as they become aware of this. In this case, they must immediately stop reviewing the proposal in question until instructed otherwise by EIT Food.

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