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Digitalization for Circular Food Systems - Digit4Circularity

Application fee €250 one-time

A small portion of the total cost of the program is charged as a participation fee. Course fees for 2021-entry will be EUR 250.

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The Agro-Food system is characterized by well-established pathways for various product /value streams by a certain mode of doing business together. To bring the system on a higher level in circularity new paths have to be opened up which allow for new opportunities.

To understand the fundamentals of the circular economy, to learn more about the application of existing technologies (from AI to IoT), to improve products in our food system, and to change the system after Covid-19 towards more digitalisation within the food chain.

APPLY NOW to summer school Digitalization for Circular Food Systems – Digit4Circularity!

A small portion of the total cost of the program is charged as a participation fee. Early Bird Fee for 2021 entry is EUR 250 (applicable by 3rd Oct). From 10th Oct full price to pay EUR 300.

Programme structure


Digital solutions will be taught through case studies and successful examples related to circular business models based on connectivity and data gathering, sharing and analysis, with the aim of maximising Food system value and producing better products and services. It will be explained what digitalisation means in the context of a circular economy, including the scope of possibilities in using data and digitally enabled solutions to support the transition to a circular economy, while also considering the related obstacles, challenges, and risks, with a greater focus on building a sustainable food system where the growing, eating, and disposal of food creates robust benefits for people, the economy, and the environment.

At the same time, we will examine the role of the New EU circular economy Action Plan, regional roadmaps, measurement frameworks, and initiatives in steering a (digital) transition towards a (digital) circular economy. The industry partners (from multinationals to innovative start-ups) will provide insights into market requirements and will drive the entrepreneurial spirit forward.

After successfully attending Digit4Circularity, students will be able to:
● Understand the guiding principles of the circular economy and relate it to neighbouring concepts
● Investigate what it takes to create products that are easy to repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle, or recover, using as enabler the main digital technologies available (e.g. from IoT to AI)
● Explain drivers and barriers for businesses to implement circular business models and digital platforms to cooperate and share data towards a circular approach
● Gauge the macro-systemic effects of the transition towards a circular economy
● Critically reflect upon the circular economy impact on the economic, environmental, and social side

The autumn school will be delivered fully ONLINE.


In total, the course will run for 3 weeks. There will be 2 weeks of online learning combined with 5 days of intensive bootcamp (online). This approach will give the participants time to update on the state of the art, and generate ideas to be then tested during the week long bootcamp.

25th October – 5th November: 2 weeks of online learning mixture of asynchronous (A), synchronous (S) learning, and homework (H).

8th November – 12th November: Bootcamp with final pitch on Friday 12/11

The estimated workload will be structured as follows: Week 1: 6/12/8 (S/A/H), Week 2: 6/12/8 (S/A/H), Week 3: 25/0/20 (S/A/H)


Identify lock-ins and levers of digital driven business models to boost Food circularity
- Analyse food company case studies and design circular value propositions using cross-sector and multi-stakeholder approach
- Identify Key performance indicators (social, environmental and economic) for measuring and monitoring food circularity and circularity readiness
- Assess how digital technologies and the smart circular economy framework can guide different digital circular economy strategies with their associated level of maturity, providing guidance on how to leverage data and analytics to maximize circularity
- Develop unique entrepreneurial Circular-Ability, skills and knowledge proposing new business ideas to tackle, in team, the grand challenges of the Food System

Apply now! INSPIRE Programme 2021
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 25, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! INSPIRE Programme 2021
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 25, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

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