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RIS Inspire - Sustainable Food Production and Consumption: new Deep Tech approaches, methods and tools

Application fee €50 one-time

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The three-week course will give you insight into sustainable food production and consumption with a focus on Deep Tech innovations. The course will be taught by academics and food industry experts in a blended synchronous and asynchronous (online and offline) approach, and it will enable you and your team to develop and co-design a creative and innovative idea to promote healthier and more sustainable lives through food.

Programme structure

In the first week (September 16, 2024 – September 20, 2024), you will be given an overview of the 3 main topics that will be covered by the programme: Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Proteins and Circular Food Systems.

In the second week (September 23, 2024 – September 27, 2024), you will be presented with case studies where extensive research was conducted on the topics covered. The case studies will improve your understanding of the challenges to be faced and the opportunities to be seized. They also will be a useful tool for effectively planning your entrepreneurial projects.

In the third week (September 30, 2024 – October 04, 2024), you will have the opportunity to be inspired by a series of talks that will focus on innovation, creativity, business and the future. These “Inspirational talks” will be conducted by entrepreneurs and experts in the food sector.

You will work in interdisciplinary teams with the support of mentors during the 3 weeks.

The school ends with a final test. Successful participants will be granted a Certificate of Completion.

However, right after the school ends participants will have the opportunity to join the Inspire Impact competition, continue their learning, earn an additional certificate and compete for cash prizes (up to €4000).

The Inspire Impact course is free of charge for candidates who have satisfactorily completed any Inspire School.

More information about this competition will be shared soon!

Career opportunities

This Inspire Programme will provide participants with knowledge and awareness of the challenges of sustainability and healthy nutrition. In addition, the network that will be created through the teamwork approach will strengthen a smart ecosystem for young innovators with highly multidisciplinary backgrounds.

The program will facilitate an open innovation ecosystem, allowing participants to operate in a broader spatial context and become skilled individuals in developing, managing, and sharing innovative solutions focused on sustainable food systems.

Through this learning opportunity, entrepreneurship and innovation will be catalysed with a focus on the potential of start-ups and entrepreneurial talent, supporting young people to become active players in regional and national developments, especially in relation to the transition to sustainable food systems in RIS areas.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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