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This is the time for the food system revolution!

We have been talking about it for a long time: our food system needs to change to keep our planet – and ourselves – healthy. Now is the time to act. We know the food system is complex, siloed and sticky. It has unwritten and written ‘rules’ and incentives that lead to unhealthy, unfair and unsustainable outcomes.

The ROOT will help to change all this.

Now is the time for an extraordinary community of change agents, innovators and accelerators to energise the necessary revolution in how we grow, trade, market and consume our food. Join this unique programme to value and utilise the potential of like-minded professionals from every corner of our food system. In this senior experiential leadership programme you will be invited to create, leverage and bring together your expertise to rewrite the rules of the game.

Let’s change incentive structures to bring about the changes we know are needed to tackle systemic causes of malnutrition, climate change and agricultural decline.

Learn how to rock the boat, while staying in it to confront one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Senior leaders in the entire food system, including large food company representatives, policy makers, academia, journalist, foodies and other change agents and innovators, can participate in this fellowship.


Right from the start, you will initiate real system changes within or beyond your organization. After the ROOT, you walk away with:

  • Knowledge that you can contribute to substantial, meaningful change
  • An invaluable network of like-minded change agents, from all corners of the food system
  • Communication skills to bridge the silos within the food system
  • An inspiring transformative story to involve your network, the EIT Food network, selected media and beyond
  • A thorough understanding of our complex food system and drivers for change
  • A strategy for real food system transformation that is already being used
  • Practical tools and ways of working to become a systems changes leader
  • The ability to trigger positive tipping points towards a healthier, more sustainable and more just system

Duration & Dates

The course lasts lasts 14 months, with personal intakes from February until July 2022. The virtual kick-off is on the 1st of September 2022 and the journey ends on 1st of June 2023.

Estructura del curso

The duration of this programme is 14 months:

Personal Intakes – February 2022 until July 2022:

Virtual kick-off – September 1st, 3-5 PM CEST
Understand the nature of our collective quest

1. Live learning experience (2 days + pre-diner on Wednesday), in Copenhagen
13th Sept (evening), 14th and 15th Sept 2022*
We will spend these 2+ days connecting to bridge silos in our food system and savouring the lifeworlds of food. You’ll reconnect to your personal purpose, develop your perspective on food systems change and map your current impact. How can we trigger positive tipping points, build trust and lead with others across the food system? You may come away with more questions than answers at this stage – but you’ll know that you have your team to help.

Peer coach circles
In every peer coach circle, you connect on impact, intention and drive with five other participants and a guide. Let’s unleash the power of peer-learning using your real-life sustainability challenges. It’s also a thorough way to grow your conversational leadership skills.

Online interactive sessions
A. Sharpen your impact agenda – 1-5 PM, Oktober 27Th 2022
Get deeper into the essence of leadership choices and how to navigate through paradoxes. Learn how to focus by using design thinking as a tool.

B. Create leverage in the system – 1-5 PM, December 8th 2022
We’ll deepen our understanding of how structures shape normality, which is at times abnormal, and influence the food system. You will enhance your abilities to negotiate during this session.

C. Reframe – 1-5 PM, January 19th 2023
We will up your creativity. How can you design waste out of your business processes? One way to boost creativity is to challenge our biases by radical questioning.

D. Create a movement – 1-5 PM, March 9th 2023
Possibly the most important challenge: how do we create a movement? You practise your storytelling skills to initiate transformations.

E. Transformative stories – 1-5 PM, April 20th 2023
In this session, you’ll present your transformative story to create a movement. The next generation of systems changes leaders will be coaching you.

Live learning experience, Berlin: collective food system change/rally the herd – pre-diner 22, and 23 and 24 February 2023*

Together, we will create collective agency within the system. You’ll refine your action plan and convene your stakeholders. Map your future impact, sharpen your saw, and pass the baton to the next group of food systems change leaders.

  • Live learning experiences are subject to Covid-19 restrictions
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