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Pathways to Impact for PhDs, 2024

Jelentkezési díj 120 EUR egyszeri

All prices are including applicable taxes (21% VAT).
A small portion of the total cost of the training will be charged as a participation fee. There are discount options for PhD groups. Please, contact mariana.fazenda@eitfood.eu

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We are excited to announce that the Global Food Venture Programme of EIT Food will offers Pathways to Impact Courses to talented PhD students from across Europe and globally!

Join us in October 2024, if you want to:
• learn how to change the world using your research
• get an introduction to technology commercialisation
• dive into EIT Food network of leading academic & industry partners
• bring entrepreneurial skills into your work
• boost your future career

By enrolling to our training on ‘Pathways to Impact’ you will have access to our excellent resources, food experts, pitch trainer and mentors and become part of inspiring EIT Food community! Our training empowers researchers with the skills, confidence and awareness necessary to find maximum impact from their research.

If you are a University manager or Doctoral programme director reach out to us!!!
‘Pathways to Impact’ journey kicks-off on the 21st of October.

Applications are now OPEN and accepted till 6th of October.
More information can be found on our EIT Food website: learning.eitfood.eu/courses/pathways-to-impact

There are discount options for your PhD groups!


You will be trained by top EIT Food partners coming from higher education institutions like University of Turin, Technical University of Munich, Aarhus University, Queens University of Belfast, Swiss Food Research and other collaborators, whose expertise lies in entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialisation of academic research.

Throughout the course, we will focus on following key topics:

- Sharp messaging & Communication Training for your research (3 stages)
- Entrepreneurial competencies
- Research Canvas & Research Impact Canvas
- Impact of your Research within the society
- Value creation & IP Protection
- Ecosystem and (Business) Ecosystem Strategy
- Successful collaborations

Additionally, you will be offered a unique mentoring experience by EIT Food PTI who will support you with your research impact creation, and offer additional networking opportunities within their ecosystem.

The course concludes with a final event at which the students present their research using the within the course learned communications skills and will have the chance to win a prize (Free access to relevant conferences).

Detailed information about the course and an agenda can be found here: learning.eitfood.eu/courses/pathways-to-impact

Jelentkezzen most! GFVP October 2024/25
Végső határidő
2024. okt. 6. 23:59:59
közép-európai időzóna
Tanulmányok kezdete
2024. okt. 21.
Jelentkezzen most! GFVP October 2024/25
Végső határidő
2024. okt. 6. 23:59:59
közép-európai időzóna
Tanulmányok kezdete
2024. okt. 21.
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