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Inspire - Digital Technologies in the Food System

Tassa di iscrizione

The course has two options that applicants can choose from:

Full course (online and in-person week in Belfast)
- Early-bird fee (Until 01/10/2024) / Normal fee (Until 25/10/2024): • Students, academia, NGOs: €95.75 / €121 • Professionals: €363 / €423.5

Online only course
- Early-bird fee (Until 01/10/2024) / Normal fee (Until 25/10/2024): • Students, academia, NGOs: €60.5 / €90.75 • Professionals: €302.5 / €363

To enquire about discounted places, including bulk discounts for companies or teams, as well as extenuating circumstances, please contact Shannon McLaughlin by email (s.mclaughlin@qub.ac.uk).

Please note, course fees will be waived for 20 individuals with care responsibilities; persons on parental leave; people who are unemployed; employed but with a low income; and people living in rural areas. These will be given out on a first come first served basis.

For those travelling for the 2-day in-person event in Belfast, we can provide financial support towards your travel and accommodation costs. Please email s.mclaughlin@qub.ac.uk for further details.

VAT is included in all the prices.

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The agri-food sector is facing increasing pressure as it tries to feed and nourish a growing population by 2050 in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way. The sector faces challenges around achieving targets on net zero greenhouse gas emissions; improving environmental performance; tackling food loss and food waste; increasing resiliency; increasing transparency, trust, and fairness from farm to fork; and achieving healthier lives through food.

Innovations in technology and data science are forecasted to play an important role in transforming our food system. The Inspire Digital Technologies course will showcase the challenges in the Food System course and the future landscapes of technology development in agriculture and the food industry. It will focus on digital technologies and provide training on applying cyber security, wireless connectivity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning approaches to address local, national, and global challenges within the agri-food industry.

Throughout the course, participants will navigate the complex landscape of data analytics and AI and unlock digital innovation. Participants will also receive entrepreneurship and innovation training to develop solutions to industry challenges and pitch their innovative business ideas. Participants will also have the option to undertake a 2-day in person event in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Struttura del programma

This INSPIRE Course focusing on Digital Technologies in the Food System will showcase the challenges in the Food System and the future landscapes of technology development in the sector; and encourage and support participants to develop innovative digital solutions to increase the sectors productivity, profitability, and sustainability. It will include a mixture of online learning resources, webinars, guest speakers and design thinking workshops.


The inspire participants will be assessed against the learning outcomes through:

• Formative Assessment:
- Course feedback is provided during 120-minute-long Q&A Student Clinic sessions every Wednesday of the course
- Problem-Solution Fit: Live presentation and feedback
- Solution- Market Fit: Live presentation and feedback
• Summative Assessment:
- End of course food systems and entrepreneurship quiz on Canvas

Timeline: Friday 1st November – Monday 2nd December
• Monday 28th October: Access to pre-course online learning resources
• Friday 1st November: Introduction and Food systems event (online)
• Friday 8th November: Digital Technologies in the Food System event (online)
• Wednesday 13th – Friday 15th November: 3-day Make-a-thon (online)
• Monday 18th November: Day 4 Make-a-thon (online)
• Monday 2nd December: Live pitch event with prizes (online)
1st prize is €1,000 with 2nd and 3rd place €500 each

• Monday 25th – Tuesday 26th November: In-person 2-day industry showcase and digital technology demonstrations in Belfast, Northern Ireland (optional)

Details of the event

Day 1:
Based at the Institute for Global Food Security, School of Biological Sciences at QUB.
• Tour of the Institute for Global Food Security lab and ASSET Technology Centre – a leading analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry research hub, which hosts the Centre for Excellence in Agriculture and Food Integrity, in partnership with the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory. The centre is also listed as a ‘Centre of Expertise’ by the Food Authenticity Network, a UK DEFRA initiative.
• Followed by lunch.
• Talks from agri-food tech companies and networking sessions
• Evening social: Belfast food tour (taking participants on a tour around Belfast City and sampling the local cuisine (tasteandtour.co.uk/)

Day 2:
Based at the Institute for Electronics, Communication and Information Technologies (ECIT) at QUB.
• Morning session will be tours of the facilities with the engineering team with loads of technology demonstrations.
• Followed by lunch.
• Talks from the industry – agri and food tech companies.
Included in the price for a full course ticket (EARLY BIRD RATE: €95.75 (incl VAT) for students)

* Accommodation for one night ** All meals from arrival to departure *** Belfast food tour (3 courses with drinks)

The training provided as part of the Digital Tech course ends with a final test. Successful participants will be granted a Certificate of Completion.

However, right after the school training ends on the 18th November, participants will have the opportunity to join the Inspire Impact competition, to continue their learning and develop their business ideas through additional entrepreneurship clinics and online-training as well as earn an additional certificate of completion. On the 2nd December, Digital Tech students will pitch their innovate business ideas. The winning team will be invited to compete in the Inspire Impact competition, where they can win additional cash prizes (up to €4000).

The Inspire Impact course is free of charge for candidates who have satisfactorily completed any Inspire School.

More information about this competition will be shared soon!

Sbocchi professionali

Training in agriculture and innovation can open new career opportunities:

• Farmers and practitioners aiming to understand what the transition to sustainable farming entails and connection to a pan-European network
• BSc, MSc, PhD, and early career researchers: The Inspire programme will provide the opportunity for the creation of a pan-European network of researchers, industry, and experts across the agri-food community. It will increase their skills in digital technologies and create the conditions for the creation of novel research methods or areas of research currently not fully explored.
• Young Professionals and industry participants: Will get a greater insight and understanding of how secure, connected intelligence and digital technologies can be incorporated into their business / agri-food chain; learning from industry experts and startups; and connections to pan-European network in agri-food
• Aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and spin-offs: Will get entrepreneurship skills training, business coaching from renowned experts in entrepreneurship, innovation and food systems and a greater insight into the food system and problem spaces
Commercial organisations interested in professional development opportunities for their employees; and building links with a pool of talented agri-food and tech researchers, innovators and professionals and aiming to shape the new generation of talent in the food system.

Candidati ora! INSPIRE Programme 2024
1 ott 2024, 23:59:59
Ora dell’Europa centrale
Scadenza per le candidature
25 ott 2024, 23:59:59
Ora dell’Europa centrale
Inizio degli studi
1 nov 2024
Candidati ora! INSPIRE Programme 2024
1 ott 2024, 23:59:59
Ora dell’Europa centrale
Scadenza per le candidature
25 ott 2024, 23:59:59
Ora dell’Europa centrale
Inizio degli studi
1 nov 2024
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