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Food Solutions - EcoBite Delights

Tassa scolastica 4.840 € all'anno

We are committed to ensuring that no exceptional student is excluded from the programme based on ability to pay. Participation is free of charge for 60 participants for the Food Solutions programme. Decisions on fee waivers are made based on the evaluation of the application (30% CV and 70% motivational statement) of the admission committee. Costs are covered by EIT Food and co-founding.

Tuition fee. 4840 Euro per year. Participation fees are due per semester (2420 Euro per semester)

After being accepted to the programme, you will be offered the chance to accept or decline enrolment. You will be required to response within 7 days after accepting the offer, if not received you may no longer be accepted within the programme.

In case you receive a scholarship, the deposit fee will be adjusted accordingly to 50% or 100% of your tuition fee.

All prices are including VAT (21%).

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EcoBite Delights: This challenge focuses on sustainable and inclusive innovation for a food system aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

EcoBite Delights is a food solution course for students interested in solving real-world challenges for inclusivity in the world of food. While learning about entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, the focus of the challenge will be to produce a sustainable and affordable (25% cheaper than in the current product market) bakery and/or patisserie solid food for a population with special dietary needs such as diabetes, lactose intolerance, or similar. You will get insight into circular economy principles, to develop a product concept. Your mentors will challenge you on the sustainability aspects of the product to widen your horizon. You will get first insights to design thinking, and supply chains and think about the packaging and marketing of your product. In addition, you will learn how to create a business case and innovation concepts. Entrepreneurial approaches will be used to define your own problem and then develop your own solutions. Important skills to learn and improve include problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, technology management, and communication and business basics.

This challenge will happen in the following countries:

  • Israel – at Technion
  • Finland – at the University of Helsinki
  • Italy – at the University of Turin and University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo

Struttura del programma

In March, you will attend the live kick-off event introducing you to the challenge. After this event, you will be supported in the next steps for problem definition and ideation.

There are five Entrepreneurship and innovation learning blocks spread throughout the programme, each consisting of a live workshop and online self-learning material.

  • Learning Block 1: Market Scoping & System Innovation
  • Learning Block 2: Business Modelling
  • Learning Block 3: Consumer Behaviour
  • Learning Block 4: Sales & Marketing
  • Learning Block 5: Entrepreneurship Finance

There are 4 pitch sessions between the kick off and final pitch event where you will present your idea so far as a team and receive feedback to help you steer and improve your solution.
Facilitated by your host University, you will be able to access mentoring by industry experts as a team to discuss your ideas and get guidance and insights to help you develop your venture and viable business case.

Sbocchi professionali

Upon completion or during your entrepreneurship education, you can start a business in the food industry. You could earn your first merits from consulting or finding management work for a company. Here is a small selection of job ideas that could follow your entrepreneurship development program such as:

  • Start your own business.
  • Work at a start-up
  • Consultant
  • Innovation Manager
  • Intrapreneur

Another focus lies in development or research for companies in the food sector, as well as public institutions. Corresponding jobs are offered by state or federal government agencies and offices, insurance companies, and private consulting firms.

Our alumni students have joined companies like Puratos, created or worked with/in start-ups

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