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It is time to take charge and transform your business!

We help you to develop the right execution capabilities and leadership skills
The ACT>NOW programme is a one-of-a-kind pan-European leadership programme for AgriFood businesses to systematically build the capabilities and processes required to address their company’s sustainability challenges systematically.

Challenged-based learning for driving direct impact
The participants develop and launch a sustainability initiative during the programme that goes beyond incremental change and minimises time-to-impact for transforming a part of the business. 

Designed for AgriFood companies
The programme is specifically developed for Mid-Cap AgriFood companies covering thematic focus areas with the highest potential for systemic change and, ultimately, the transformation of the company’s business practices.

Access the leading AgriFood community and best practices from the start-up ecosystem
Europe’s leading food innovation initiative EIT Food, partnered with DevelopMinded, a growth strategy advisory firm, to develop and deliver the ACT>NOW programme.

A jam-packed programme
The hybrid ACT>NOW programme is a high-quality executive leadership programme designed for busy executives and teams. It combines a unique mix of elements, including innovative content, top-tier trainers and speakers in an online and face-to-face format.

The programme is specifically designed for:

  • Leaders of high-growth scale-ups who have achieved financial sustainability but have to work on their carbon footprint 
  • Executives/managers who want to learn how to make their company more sustainable and develop an impact-oriented company culture 
  • Entrepreneurs & family businesses who want to future-proof their companies by making them more sustainable and resilient


Real progress & measurable impact with systemic change.

With this programme, you can learn how to:  

  • Translate your passion for driving sustainability and transformation into a business opportunity
  • Design and implement sustainability initiatives within your company
  • Get support and coaching from top experts on AgriFood, innovation, sustainability, and growth strategy
  • Promote a culture of innovation, co-create a shared vision, and get buy-in from your organisation’s leadership.
  • Become the leader that transforms your company’s business practices that contribute to a net-zero future for all.  

When companies take a systems approach, they can tackle sustainability challenges in a way that reliably generates repeatable results and fosters innovation. The ACT>NOW programme goes beyond offering only theory and tools.

During the programme, you launch actual sustainability initiative(s) within your company. The learning framework is based on six components:

  • Identify & prioritise your key growth actions & sustainability challenges;
  • Evaluating the innovation readiness of your company;
  • Assessing the skill gap in terms of the missing execution capabilities;
  • Promoting a culture of innovation & sustainability;
  • Establishing systems to manage and measure the impact; 
  • Developing innovation & sustainability leadership within your company.

We enable you to work with your company to identify & prioritise the key growth actions and sustainability challenges, assess the innovation readiness, identify skill gaps, develop a detailed roadmap to place the enablers for the sustainability measures, innovation activities, and growth initiatives. The lean impact-oriented approach of the ACT>NOW programme ensure you create the quick wins that kickstart’s the broader systemic change within your company.


The programme starts on May 9th until September 21st of 2022 and lasts for 135 days.

Estructura del curso

The programme consists of multiple sessions spread over 16 days divided into three sprints over a period of 100 to 150 days and an impact evaluation day. 

Timeframe: Between 100 and 150 days  
Participants: 10 to 25 per programme  
Time commitment next to participation in all programme sessions: Varying between 5 to 20 hours per week  

Sprint 1 – Growth, Innovation & Sustainability (spread over 5 days max 5 hour per day)
Workshop 1: Company diagnostic assessment of growth opportunities
Workshop 2: Company diagnostic assessment of innovation capabilities
Interactive session 1: Build, Buy or Partner?
Workshop 3: Company diagnostic assessment of transformation opportunities
Masterclass 1 : Lean Validation
Presentations 1: Participants sharing the key insights gained and their validation approach

Between sprints: Get out of the building & validate!

Sprint 2 – Implement & accelerate impact: (spread over 5 days max 5 hour per day)
Interactive session 2: Review validation outcomes
Workshop 4: Leadership & cooperation
Interactive session 3: Supply Chain Transformation
Workshop 5: Define the scope of the sustainability initiative
Masterclass 2: Sustainability Metrics
Presentations 2: Participants sharing the key insights gained and their implementation roadmap

Between sprints: Implement & accelerate!

Sprint 3 – Track, Transform & Scale (spread over 5 days max 5 hour per day)
Interactive session 4: Review & iterate sustainability initiative
Masterclass 3: Monitoring sustainability performance
Workshop 6: A portfolio approach to sustainability, innovation & growth initiatives
Presentations 3: Participants sharing the key insights and their approach for scaling sustainability transformation within their company

Between sprint 3 & evaluation day: Iterate & Scale!
Impact Evaluation Day

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Inicio de estudios
9 may 2022
¡Envía tu solicitud ahora! Act > Now 2022
Este periodo académico no es aplicable
Inicio de estudios
9 may 2022
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